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New Technologies > SoFi Software - world’s first to be certified to GRI’s new G4 reporting framework.

Importance of Sustainability Reporting & GRI

- The GRI G4 reporting standard is the most uptodate and material based reporting standard

- The reporting mechnism helps company to identify the what is important to report on and drive a sustainably mechanism for better business advantage

- The GRI based sustainability report generated can also be useful to feed data in other sustainability frameowrks like United Nations Global Compant and also for rating standards like Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Why we need a Reporting Software for GRI G4?


It is obvious that an software will help reduce manual hours

It also automatically help identify hot spots and area of improvements

Also owning to smaller sustainability teams in many organizations, they will be able to focus on actions onces reporting is done


PE’s GRI G4 certified software 

PE's software is helps in easy to generate reports and feed data, they also have a software to study materiality and thus identify the areas of improvement

Software Benefits

1. Ready-made sustainability reporting framework & updates for GRI, CDP, GRESB and other standards

2. Faster time to disclosure with streamlined data collection and dynamic disclosure and workflows

3. Audit-proof reporting for relevant standards

4. Time savings in data collection, aggregation, conversion (using built in emission factor libraries), validations and reporting

5. Simple and flexible data collection from manual, web based questionnaires to fully automated systems integration.

6. Drastically reduces the time and money spent on identifying material issues with standard issue list by sector

7. Use proven survey, workflow, analysis and scoring technology

EEACTS recommends a software based sustainability system in any organization, this will inturn make sustainability reporting itself sustainable and systematic.



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