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Learning Hub > The Global 100 Index for Sustainable Companies

The Global 100 Index – Ratings for companies that are truly sustainable
Global100 has developed and built index for transparently rating organizations on the basis of 12 quantitatively built parameters
These 12 parameters are termed as “Priority Indicators” and their equations are as mentioned below
1. Energy Productivity 
Equation: Revenue ($US) / Energy use (Gigajoules)
2. Carbon Productivity
Equation: Revenue ($US) / Greenhouse gas emissions (Greenhouse gas protocol Scopes 1 +2)
3. Water Productivity
Equation: Revenue ($US) / Water withdrawal (cubic metres)
4. Waste Productivity
Equation: Revenue ($US) / Waste generated (metric tonnes)
5. Innovation Capacity
Equation: R&D Expenses / Revenue
6. Percentage Tax Paid
Equation: Cash tax / EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation And Amortization)
7. CEO to Average Worker Pay
Equation: Total CEO Compensation / (Total wagebill / Number of employees)
8. Pension Fund Status
Equation: Unfunded liabilities / Market capitalization
9. Safety Performance
Equation: Number of fatalities (absolute) and number of lost time incidents (per 200,000 employee hours)
10. Employee Turnover
Equation: Number of departures / Average total employees
11. Leadership Diversity
Equation: Female representation on the Board of Directors and Executive Management team

12. Clean Capitalism Pay Link
Equation: Mechanisms that link Executive Management compensation to corporate sustainability performance
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