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Learning Hub > What is Green Supply Chain Management?

What is Green Supply Chain Management?
A. Getting feedback from Environmentally conscious Consumers
Consumer awareness and knowledge is increasing day on day, This is true for both B2B and B2C businesses. The consumer is asking questions on the type of products they are using, the manufacturing process and the material used in the process.
Consumer starts asking question about supply chain, their carbon footprint, and most importantly how do they recycle
B. Advantages of being Green
There is an possibility of hitting two targets with a single arrow, yes the manufacturers have learnt that environmental advantages and interest of consumers can help in financial benefits to an organization. For this the companies have started looking in to their supply chain for areas of improvement. 
For example, General Motors have saved $12 Million by making a swift change in to their supply chain, they have started using reusable containers and thus have reduced wastage as well as increased financial savings
C. Finding potential of financial savings
The importance of studying supply chain involves around complete cycle including purchase, planning, manufacturing and distribution. Each part of supply chain definitely has a scope of both environmental and financial improvement.
It is important that organizations now start understanding importance of investing in Research and Development of sustainable supply chain.
A sustainable supply chain in turn is analogues to green supply chain management




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