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Media Release > This Durga Puja a blessing for environment

LUCKNOW: Members of Shree Sai Sewashram Puja Committee have pledged to not only spread awareness about environment protection and sustainable development but also adopt an eco-friendly way of immersing idols made of 100% natural material.

Based on this year's theme of river water conservation, the organizers have decided that all the jewellery, flowers, leaves and other 'shringar' items will be removed from the deities before they are taken for immersion. The 'bhoomi visarjan' of the leftovers will be performed later.

Deeply saddened over the devastating floods in the Kashmir valley, president of the committee and environmentalist Chandra Kumar Chhabra said, "Besides entertaining visitors, our mission is to educate and sensitize the masses about the deteriorating condition of our natural surroundings caused mainly by interference of human activities with nature. This results in catastrophic calamities".

In a bid to minimize chemical pollutants in the river, the ritual of 'sindhoor khela' will be performed at the pandal so that no artificial colour goes inside the river water, said Dr Archana, the secretary of the committee.

The cultural programmes at the pandal, from September 30 to October 3, will throw light upon the urgent need to save trees. The pandal will be a complete no-polythene zone. The food stalls will use only natural material to serve eatables and no plastic or thermocol would be allowed.

Banners and posters with slogans 'Be a solution to water pollution' and 'GenX will pay the price, polluted Gomti seeks your advice', etc, will be on display during the four-day signature campaign launched on shashthi.

As a token of blessing from Goddess Durga, saplings with the message of 'Go Green' would be distributed among visitors.

The Shree Sai Sewashram Puja Committee is a unit of the Institute for Environment Research Entrepreneurship Education and Development.

Source: Times Of India




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