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Media Release > The analysis behind formation of $20 Billion Investment by SBG Cleantech




Three extremely diverse and exciting players have come up together to boost solar energy sector of India with an investment announcement of $20 Billion


 EEACTS analysis the joint venture coming up in a bulletin





A.     Softbank Corp – A Japanese 92-Billion dollar organization headed by Masayoshi Son with investments in the sector telecom, e-commerce, broadband, finance and technology services


B.     Foxconn – A 131.8 Billion dollar company from Taiwan headed by Terry Gou and is known as world’s largest electronics contractor ( iphone, blackberry, ipad, play station 4 & Xbox one)


C.     Bharti Airtel – A 14 Billion dollar company from India and headed by Sunil Mittal, field of service includes telecom, broadband and fixed line internet services.


What brings this three organizations together?


  • Softbank and Airtel have a common understanding through the business in telecom and broad band industry
  • Softbank and Foxconn have great understanding in the field of technology and electronics
  • Bharti Airtel with it’s telecom network establishment experience in India understands land acquisition geopolitical scenario in the entire country and it being 100% Indian company.


What does this indicates


Solar energy development needs three key ingredients

A.     Huge Capital Investment – Softbank

B.     Electronic expertise – Foxconn (Also indicates that projects will be solar PV based)

C.     Land Acquisition – Bharti Airtel


This makes a perfect combination of multi billion dollar organization to groom solar energy sector in India


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