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Upcoming Events > Course : Mastering Solar Power

Event Type : 


Live Online Course


Organiser :


Infocus International - Singapore



Course Topic :


Online Course on Solar Energy


Course Fee :


Email on and request for details


Ideal For :


All Energy Professionals across process Industry


Schedule of Course : 


Commences on 20th July 2020, Monday


Background : 


  • A comprehensive, up-to-date and business-focused roadmap to success in delivering solar power growth, today and tomorrow.
  • Attendees will gain a good understanding of the key factors from an integrated, multidisciplinary and commercial viewpoint
  • including: target market analysis, economic competitiveness, channels-to-market, financing influences and risk, project development processes, best practices and emerging technologies.
  • The course schedule includes illustration of key project development considerations, including energy yield, financial and other simple calculations, along with the chance to discuss key planning and market environment considerations.


Topics Covered :

  • The solar resource & PV conversion technology
  • Assessing market conditions for successful solar power projects
  • Understanding & quantifying the value of solar power
  • Solar power ‘on the ground’: project delivery
  • The economics and financing of solar power projects


Topics Covered :

  • The Essential Elements of A Successful Solar Power Project
  • Valuing Solar Power in Wholesale Electricity Markets and the Energy Mix
  • Selling Utility-Scale Solar Electricity: the Growing Channel-to-Market Options
  • Markets and Opportunities for Distributed and Captive Solar Power
  • Technology and Performance Trends in Solar Power
  • Understanding Weather Risk for Solar Energy
  • Solar Power Project Development and Delivery
  • Dispatchable Solar Power Projects (and the Value of Storage)
  • Integrated Solar Power Projects, Including Microgrids
  • Financing Solar Power Projects
  • The Future of Solar: New Value-Chain Opportunities & Competition


EEACTS Review :


Following are the advantages to participants

  • Demand Solar Energy in India is set to grow with increasing commitment towards sustainability and being self reliant on energy aspects
  • Comprehensive course structure, that covers all aspects of solar energy and renewables in market
  • Understanding complete business cycle



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Team EEACTS says :
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