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IGBC AP (Accredited Professional) exams are conducted by CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) being organized and affirms the fact that an individual has pre requisite knowledge on green building, green savings, energy savings, water conservation and most important sustainable material consumption for constructing a green building. 

IGBC AP is a capacity building step towards greening of the country!


There are two types of information pertaining to green building IGBC AP exam

A.     The ones which are known in open domain as indicated by IGBC website, those are

  • All students and professionals are eligible
  • Fee for students 3,500 and professionals 5,750
  • Fee can be paid online and instantaneously
  • Takes place twice (1st and 3rd Saturday)  in 10 major cities across country and once a month in 24 other cities across country – list in available from IGBC AP website
  • Merit track which also organizes online exams for CAT is the one that facilitates the exam. This means the infrastructure for conducting exam is really good.
  • A total of 110 objective questions are asked of which you need to answer 85 correctly . . . Yes you got it right, 85!

B. There are 4 sections

  • Green building design and construction – 50 Questions
  • Building standard and codes – 15 Questions
  • IGBC Process – 15 Questions
  • Green Design Strategies and impact – 30 questions 

C. The other Information which is not available in open domain or has been not directly provided by IGBC

  • What material should one read? There are almost 9 different IGBC rating system, do I need to read all?
  • No – you don’t need to read all neither you need to remember a single numerical number like what amounts to how many credits or percentage calculation for points etc.
  • The examination is completely based on an individual’s understanding of the topic
  • All questions are logical and if an individual has understood concept behind each credit  
  • It is advised to understand meaning of each technical/structural word to understand the concept and should never try to memorize any thing
  • Read one or at max two abridged reference guide – and we would suggest
  • IGBC green new building rating system and
  • IGBC green townships
  • Are all sections difficult and need special attention
  • No, the section for IGBC process is relatively simple and straight forward
  • Other sections you really need to be focused on and especially building standards and codes – this needs logically memorizing which standards and codes have been adopted for specific credits
  • Do they ask different questions?
  • No, the question types have slightly varies over the years and going through them really helps cracking the examination
  • If you could not get 85 out of 110?
  • Simple, you need to pay the fee again. Yes! The complete amount
  • There is no concession for appearing again

These are few very important views on IGBC AP exam, and if you have any specific query. Then please write to us on


Happy Greening !



Team EEACTS says :
"Committed to Skill Development, Energy Transformation and Energy Efficiency"