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New Technologies > Wifinity Tech, Wireless Energy Management System



A huge chunk of a business’ expenditure goes only towards paying off the power bill. And with the reliance on technology in today’s world, the power bill can only get bigger. Unless you’re using an energy management system. These can analyze your energy consumption and optimize power usage.

Wifinity’s energy management system is automated and 100% wireless. You can cut down on energy and operational costs by as much as 40%. Regulate lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and more through a central platform.






· Wireless plug and play system setup. 

· Can be installed in older constructions and retrofitted into existing ones. 

· Computing and device utilization that is load adaptive. 

· Runtime monitoring of pumps, HVAC, lighting, fans, boilers and other appliances. 

· Powerful analytics to detect correlations between energy consumption and externalfactors like weather conditions and load computation. 

· Monitoring of voltage, current and PF. 

· Monitor renewable energy consumption.



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