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New Technologies > Azane Chiller, 20% more energy savings

Industrial refrigeration manufacturer Azane has launched its energy efficient, packaged ammonia chiller, Azanechiller, in the United States.

As HCFC-22 (also known as R-22) is being phased out as a refrigerant, Azane says its Azanechiller overcomes environmental concerns because ammonia is a natural refrigerant with non-ozone depleting credentials and will not be affected by the HFC refrigerant phase down.

In addition, the company says recent studies carried out in installations across Europe showed that low charge ammonia is an average of 20 percent more energy efficient than HFCs.

The Azanechiller is used to cool a secondary fluid circuit, such as water or glycol, and can be used in temperature controlled storage, dairies, breweries, wineries and other industrial food processing refrigeration applications.

The Azane product range has an air cooled condenser, which eliminates the need for water and has been shown to provide comparable energy efficiency to evaporative condenser technology on an annual basis.

Manufactured in Pennsylvania and supplied nationwide



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