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New Technologies > H.M.X Comfort conditioner, Cooling & Energy savings optimized

The HMX-Ambiator is a next-generation two-stage evaporative cooling solution. This patented technology provides 100% fresh, clean, cool air – which is an excellent upgrade over air-washers & ventilation systems which are commonly used for cooling in factories, and is also an energy-efficient alternative to conventional air conditioners.

The two stages of cooling are: “Indirect Evaporative Cooling” (sensible cooling – no moisture addition), followed by “Direct Evaporative Cooling” (adiabatic cooling). This enables the HMX-Ambiator to deliver air cooled below the concurrent atmospheric wet bulb temperature. 

The HMX-Ambiator comfort air conditioning system can be used for cooling large spaces in various industries for process requirements and/or to maintain a comfortable environment for the workers. It can be used to cool large spaces in commercial buildings as well.

Key Features

· Available in a wide-range of capacities (CFM).

· Customized made-to-order units are available as well

· EER between 25 and 40

· Variable speed drives and PLC-based control systems

· Remote monitoring (optional)

· Can be integrated into existing control systems/building management systems/energy management systems

Key Benefits:

· Lower supply air temperature with much lower additional of moisture to the supply air as compared to air washers. This creates more comfortable conditions for the work force and processes

· 40-60% lower energy consumption as compared to conventional air conditioning systems

· To cool a space to the same conditions, up to 60% lower energy consumption compared to air washers

· Prevents solvent evaporation under controlled temperature conditions in print and packaging industry and in paint shops

· Only IEC (sensible cooling) prevents addition of moisture

· 100% fresh, clean, cool air: excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)  and no sick building syndrome (SBS)

· Increased productivity of employees

· Eco-friendly: no CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) involved, thus helping reduce GHGs (greenhouse gases); zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)



· Industrial ventilation and cooling – for people and process comfort

· Comfort air conditioning – auditoriums, malls, offices, hotels, hospitals, halls, gyms, wellness centers, etc.

· Inlet air cooling for DG sets, compressors, gas turbines


Manufactured by: A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited (Business Unit: HMX), India

Contact Number :

Mr Anindya  Lahiri - Tel   : +91 -20- 27290831
[Head of Comfort Conditioning]



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