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Media Release > Sales for Kirloskar and Savings for customers go hand in hand


The world is moving towards a sustainable energy future with an emphasis on energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. With this objective in mind, Kirloskar Brothers Limited has started the Energy Conservation Cell wherein a team of Certified Energy Managers & Auditors carry out Performance Measurement of Pumps & Motors, called Pumping Energy Audit.


An Energy Audit Study helps an organization to understand and analyze its energy utilization and identify areas where energy use can be reduced. Kirloskar Brothers Limited offers a unique Energy Audit Program which helps customers saving of electricity consumption.

It helps to decide on how to budget energy use, plan & practice feasible energy conservation methods that will enhance their energy efficiency; minimize energy wastage and thereby reduce energy costs.

Some organizations have already implemented the recommendations and are benefitted up to 30% energy savings. This has helped save 11 million KWH electricity and more than Rs 40 million in energy bill.

Customers are from various types of industries like Automotive, Manufacturing, Chemical, Process, Water supply, Lift Irrigation Schemes, etc. The payback period of the investments made for these improvements have been in the range of 2 months to 2 years depending upon type of industry, type of pumps, pump working hours, etc.

This strategy of KBL is making its presence in the market where organizations are looking to reduce specific energy consumption, both to abide by government regulations and to be sustainable in cut throat market competition

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Team EEACTS says :
"Committed to Skill Development, Energy Transformation and Energy Efficiency"