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New Projects > New Company : Gas Grows - LNG Market



Comapny :

Gas Grows (Private Company)


Head Office :



Founding Year :


Market Segment :

LNG - Liquified Natural Gas



Services Offered :

  • Service provider for supplying Natural Gas at end user site from various sources and locations
  • Setting of LNG settelite plants i.e. After supplying LNG, it's regasification plant on site is required and Gas Gas can provide this plant on rental basis
  • Gas grows can provide Natural gas in form of Liquified Natural Gas for power generation on consitent basis, LNG can travel distance on Wheels


EEACTS Comments :

  • With governments push on increasing Natural Gas as composition of Energy Mix in India from 6% to 15%, LNG will play a vital role
  • Natural Gas in form of LNG can be stored and transferred, and hence can be used to generate reliable electricity 24X7 at any location
  • Overall the future is of LNG in Micro Grid environment and Gas Grow has an early mover advantage


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Team EEACTS says :
"Committed to Skill Development, Energy Transformation and Energy Efficiency"