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Estimating Employment Opportunities In The Indian Oil Industry During Post Reform Period


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The fundamentals of economics says that production or success of any organization depends on four key factors; Land, Labour, Capital and Entrepreneur. India being a land of entrepreneurs, it is not a major issue, but a lot of debate is doing round on the issue of capital investment and raw material for the energy generation in the country, Crude oil import, gas import, KG basin issue, refinery capacity expansion and exploration of oil and gas in the country. But one of the major factors in production, ‘labour’ is left out of discussion. The focus around the world and in the country is on raw material, but to full fill the demand in the coming years a lot of manpower will be required in the energy sector, A prominent portion of investment in any organization is in its manpower, and if that is not strategically planned and if the strategies of competitors are not understood and analysed properly then the growth and development plans of the organization will be seriously impacted.

In the research paper the authors have analysed the petroleum sector of India, and an estimate of the human resource requirement is prepared in both qualitative and quantitative terms for this sector, vis-v the production and refining expected in the country in the next five year plan. The paper will also include major barriers that may be faced in the years to come for acquiring quality manpower. 


Prateek Vyas
Nishesh Pandit.



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