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Tertiary Marketing Research – Concept and Methodology Introduction


Requirement Summary

Market research now forms an essential part of study before the launch of any product, exploration of new market avenues or for the purpose of evaluation performance of an existing market. The traditional form of conducting market research is either performing secondary research on the basis of open source data available or by performing primary research either by means of focused interview or group discussions, but the most popular form of primary research is creating questionnaire and collecting responses to analyze market.

The most common and cheapest form of collecting response from the identified sample size is by using internet and various survey support engines. The data collected by these survey support engines can  be classified in two forms. 1. Feeded Data – Data entered by the respondents & 2. Fetched Data – The data that survey engines captures automatically, purely on the basis of actions performed by respondent on the survey link sent by the researcher.

The research article here is based on fetched data that gets collected at the researchers end and this can be used for the purpose of performing tertiary market research. The essence of this form of research is that the respondents are rarely aware of the data that system has captured from their actions. Whereas the researcher can derive business intelligence information to promote it’s market strategy. To illustrate this tertiary form of research the authors have used, the data that gets fetched while using this website for survey response collection and how an organization can identify its competitors, clients and associates


Prateek Vyas
Nishesh Pandit
Sankar R.A.



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